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Dust Control

The L&Q Dust Control product set provides the following benefits:

  • Improves personnel safety and health
  • Saves labor, equipment, and water
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Helps meet regulatory agency standards
  • Eliminates nuisance dust

L&Q’s dust control product line consists of eco-friendly polymers that are both cost-effective and easy to apply. Dust control helps preserve a soil body’s integrity by keeping its surface intact. Our products preserve natural compaction by adhering and weighting soil particles so they remain on or close to the ground.

The result is far less natural erosion from wind and rain and less soil pollution in waterways and populated areas. The dust control application process either coats the surface with a hard polymer coating or mixes a nano polymer into the soil that bonds the soil particles together. Both methods provide a wind-resistant surface that helps control erosion.

A partial list of areas to be treated includes:
• Dirt roads, road shoulders, unpaved paths
• Construction sites

• Outdoor production facilities, pile capping
• Drilling and mining sites
• Hardstands, landing pads, runways, taxiways and parking aprons.

 L&Q sells a highly effective set of dust control products,and we will work with you to determine the solution best suited for your needs.

For more information contact L&Q at
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